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China 2020 New changes in import consumption: health towards "fast digestion", overseas celebrity brands rising

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In 2020, the epidemic is changing people's attitude and way of life, and new scenes and demands for domestic consumption are constantly emerging. "import consumption ecology" is one of the important aspects to perceive and observe these changes.

On December 31, Tmall international released the new trend of annual import consumption: health fast digestion, parenting style pet raising, cinema level beauty, new trend of niche, rise of celebrity brands.

In the past year, the epidemic has not stopped overseas brands from entering China. The Chinese market, which was the first to recover from the epidemic, has become the main place for them to actively seek new growth, explore new categories and release new products. Data shows that the number of Tmall international imported new products has increased by 130% year on year, and the number of overseas new brands has increased by 125% year on year since April.

In this year, people's awareness of self-care was re-stimulated, and new consumers' pursuit of "health" and "beauty" made health care move toward "fast digestion". In the fields of imported food, beauty cosmetics and health care, new concepts and new forms of products emerge one after another. Plant-based light food, represented by "artificial meat" and "plant milk", has come to the table. Health product dosage form snacks, vitamins, melatonin, fish oil have been made into soft candy; Cosmetic ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and nicotinamide can also be taken orally.

Pets that provide companions at home also get more care from the owners under the epidemic. Pet consumption continues the upgrading track of human consumption. Beer, mineral water, cake and other imported pet snacks, eye essence, ear gel and other functions subdivided pet beauty makeup, soothing pet audio, pet smart toilet and other emerging, pet pet care is just like "child care" fine.

Due to the global epidemic and the ban on outbound tourism, Chinese consumers' demand for beauty products in cinemas is accelerating to become online. In addition, overseas cinemas are suffering from the plight of fewer tourists and declining sales in their countries of origin, so the popularity of cinema brands in China is accelerating. The "hospital line beauty" represented by facial mask applied with professional hospital line background and medical beauty instrument ushered in a new round of opportunities. In the past year, Tmall international cinema line beauty products turnover increased by more than 200% year on year.

Can not go out of the country, overseas online shopping small niche characteristic goods, the demand for goods of small minority countries began to increase. In terms of commodities, "niche fragrance" has become an important carrier for the young generation to express their personality and build their own products, which is more fragrant than big brands. "Niche milk" has become a new favorite of imported drinks. Sheep's milk from New Zealand and camel's milk from Dubai are hot sellers. The desire to travel has been transformed into the enthusiasm to buy special products from minority countries. During this year's National Day golden week, products from Nordic and South American countries, such as Icelandic skin care products, Cuban perfume, Danish fish oil, and Greek yogurt masks, which last for more than 10 hours, are very popular.

In order to meet the demand of "new trend of niche" for limited personalized products, Tmall international officially upgraded its cross-border direct mail service "overseas direct purchase" in September. Meanwhile, cainiao launched the first cross-border direct mail "perfume route" between China and cainiao, providing a more convenient cross-border logistics solution for niche perfumes.

此外,海外明星、博主创立的个人品牌,2020年积极通过跨境电商进入中国市场,并凭借极强的个人影响力和风格吸引大批追随者。继蕾哈娜、金·卡戴珊后,今年维多利亚·贝克汉姆、泰勒·斯威夫特、湖人队传奇球星“魔术师”约翰逊等,也纷纷在天猫国际开店、发新品;INS知名美妆博主Huda Beauty、英国知名彩妆师Charlotte Tilbury等众多博主同名彩妆在中国走红。
In addition, personal brands created by overseas stars and bloggers will actively enter the Chinese market through cross-border e-commerce in 2020 and attract a large number of followers with their strong personal influence and style. Following rihanna and Kim kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Taylor swift, and lakers legend magic Johnson have all opened stores and launched new products at Tmall. Instagram's famous Beauty blogger Huda Beauty and British make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury are among many bloggers with the same name who have become popular in China.


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